#1 – The Undead Asylum

I could barely remember then what it was like to be a noble man. I had once been a knight of a proud land, but was by then an aberration, an undead, a cursed creature of those dark times. My skin and flesh were rotten, my mind slowly disappearing, falling in the depths of my weakened soul.

On the other side of the bars I could see my future: insane men hallowed of their souls, currently on the last stage of the curse. After being insane blind murderers of any living being for weeks, all life in this place was finally gone, so they lost the will to even murder, and became worthless shells.

I had no reason to live and would not only become a mindless monster, but a monster kept in that decrepit cell for eternity.

Or so I thought.

In my darkest hour, through the hole above me from where I many times had  tried to escape, a noble knight not unlike I once were appeared. He was clearly mortally wounded, but noticing that I wasn’t yet completely lost, dropped down a set of master keys, a tool that chiefs commonly use to pray on the weak. The knight then disappeared, but I stood up for the first time in what felt like days and used the keys to open my cell.

I stopped for a moment to consider my means. I had but a broken sword that couldn’t do much and my full set of armor, that I could barely lift at this point. I thought best not to leave it behind, though, since I had heard the sounds of the guardian demon of the asylum, and knew I would have to fight my way out. My broken blade wouldn’t be of any use though.

So I ventured forward, thinking more of dying like a knight than of actually defeating the guardian demon. I passed by the mindless slaves knowing I should kill them, but my dull broken blade would probably shatter against their weakened bones. I knew they couldn’t harm me.

From the right side of the long corridor I saw the demon I feared, but noticed he was on the underground and couldn’t be the keeper of the asylum door. Sincere hope then struck my heart for the first time in months, maybe I could leave this place easily.

I ventured forth until I reached a dying bonfire. Oh how I relinquished that dying flame, for I had no more warmness in my blood. I was so tired from dragging around that armor, I just fell asleep there.

Later when I woke up, the sun was still on the same position. I considered the possibility of having slept for a full day, but that was unlikely. The sun had just stood there, but I preferred not to think too much about it. So I opened the door to the front room and saw the door leading to the outside on the other side. But I had not become a knight for being reckless, so I looked up and saw the true guardian demon. It was a trap, but there was no other way but forward. Considering carefully my options, I saw a small door on the left of the room. If I could run fast to that door, I might escape the trap and maybe find an actual weapon I could manage to fight with in a later time.

So I ran and made it to the small door at the moment that the demon reached the ground and tried to hit me. I was safe for now and found another bonfire. There I rested for some time, then continued. A mindless slave shot arrows at me from the other end of a corridor, but I saw a shield on the floor and ran for it. Behind that shield I knew I was invincible. So I went down the corridor under the arrows of that mindless beast. It was then that I saw a broadsword. I held it in my right hand for some time, giving my old memories a moment to come back to my nerves. Then I walked down the corridor and killed the slave and felt the effect of the undead curse: killing was my sweetest drug, my headache and weakness started to fade. I was now as they were, a murder addict, but I had to control the effect it would had in my spirit if I had to once again be a free man and brake the curse.

It was then that I saw the knight who had saved me, on the brink of death, but I could not reach him. Again I carefully analyzed my surroundings. On broken stairs that I couldn’t reach I saw a rusted ring that I knew could possibly have magical abilities. So I came back near the knight and found a door to the first bonfire I had found. I wished I could have rested then, but the knight was almost dead by now and I needed to talk to him. So I went up the stairs to what I knew was another trap, for the mindless beasts cannot be silent if they want to. A slave threw a giant iron boulder down the stairs as I went up, but I was prepared and jumped away. The boulder had broken open the knight’s cell, so I could now talk to him. I could deal with the slave later.

The knight told me he ventured to Lordran, the famed land of the lords, and tried to rid the world of the cursed, but was defeated. He then gave me mystical flasks I could use to store the heat from bonfires and, before he died, losing his humanity and turning hollow, I swore I would try to fulfill his holy quest. But then I left quickly, for I could not at that state defend myself against him in his hollowed state. I had to proceed and leave the Asylum somehow.

So I again went up the stairs and killed the slaves that waited for me in ambush. Killing the hollow soldier that guarded the ring was harder, but I managed. My thievish keys couldn’t open the door behind him though. And so I went back and carefully looked at the demon below me from a ledge. One false step made a weak noise, but he saw me. In my desperation, I just jumped down and plunged my sword on his face. He did not die, but threw me away against a wall and I felt my whole body in pain. There was no time for bonfires however. So I attacked and attacked, I slashed and thrust my sword as I could, acting on instinct alone as if guided by demons and, almost untouched by the grace of my old abilities, I can proudly say that I defeated.

I took the giant key pending from the neck of his dead body and opened the door. There was, however, nowhere to go. I was on the summit of a high mountain and had no means to leave. My destiny was sealed. I walked all the way to a narrow point of the summit so I could at least see Lordran from afar before jumping down to my death.

But a giant crow snatched me instead, and though I thought it would kill me, I did not hurt it, because my life was not worth the life of that wonderful animal. But it did not kill me. The noble bird laid me down in Lordran where, I thought, I could find the millions that lived there and, perhaps, by the hand of some kind of sage, a cure for the curse.

Oh how wrong was I.

  1. Ikirys said:

    This is very good so far. I look forward to seeing what you do with the story of this world. Adding a personal narrative to it puts everything in a more…real view. Either way, hurry up with the next part so I have something good to read!

    • Carpeaux said:

      two more parts since you demanded a new one 🙂

  2. Lorenzo said:

    This is AWESOME! Nice work!! 😀

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