#6 – The Black Knight

When I woke up I immediately realized I was stronger. My arms had considerably lost its previous cadaver appearance. Touching my face, I realized the deep marks had become softer, but my skin was still dry like hay. I removed my chest piece and was glad to see that the huge scar in my chest had become softer as well, while my heart was beating healthier, more regularly. My constant headache had become weaker, so now I could think more clearly. My enhanced thoughts couldn’t do much to quench my fear for what was to come, however. Petrus had spoken of demons taking over the church above, where the first bell was located, and the huge hellkite dragon was certainly waiting for me somewhere down the line.

I saw the zweihander I had thrown at a corner. Picked it up with renewed strength and realized I had never trained with that kind of weapon. Protected in the bonfire chamber, I could spend some time imitating the moves of the knights I have seem using that weapon. The onionheads of Catalina were famous for using it, but I had never seen one in action. I came up with a few movements, based on how I learned to use my broadsword as a boy, but I could tell it should remain a back-up weapon for some time, since I couldn’t possibly let go of my shield for now.

So I stepped back into the Burg. The bodies of the hollows were still there to rot, but I took the time to search for valuable loot. All I could find was one small shard of titanite that could be useful in the future, if I could find a blacksmith or at least his left behind tools. The way forward was made clear by another deathtrap: a narrow corridor upon which firebomb throwers stood. On the end of the corridor, at least two hollow warriors.

There was a rooftop guarded by two spear wielders as well, that had mysteriously not hushed into the fight against me when I arrived. There was probably something valuable that way, so I went that way first. I couldn’t really fear them much, tanks were my specialty and I had a giant zweihander to break their guards with. They went down fast. I came down the roof and killed another hollow who tried to attack me by surprise.

I was surprised to see they were guarding a small man in an extremely hollowing state. He was holding a strange weapon the likes of which I had never seen, but that seemed mostly useless and weak. He was certainly much more afraid of me than I of him, and he had piles of weapons I could use, so I am not proud to say that I forced him to hand me whatever I needed: a bow, a few arrows and the key to a house in the lower Burg, where he claimed to have locked a sorcerer. I let him live.

Now I had a bow, and I was good with bows. For hunting, of course, but it would be useful for hunting down hollows as well.

I went back up the roof as stealthily as I could and proceeded nearer the bonfire. I needed three perfect shots, but only the first could be carefully aimed. The first arrow went through the eye of one of the flamebomb throwers. Immediately two warriors started running towards me, while the two other throwers tried to escape their wooden platforms. One got an arrow to the back, the other, to the back of the head, but I didn’t have a moment to be proud of myself, even though the fight against the two warriors wasn’t particularly difficult. The hiding axe wielder went down fast as well.

There was a door to the lower undead burg, but I couldn’t reach the lock from inside, so it was useless to me. As I ventured forth, making good use of my master key set, I could find some goldpine resin, and it would prove useful later. Continuing on my way I killed a hollow archer and took some of his arrows. Form the tower I landed an arrow to the face of a warrior, then another at the face of his partner. Killed another tanking spear and shield wielder and survived a lame trap with a giant flaming boulder. I could now go up the tower, but I was exhausted by now and needed rest.

Upon exploring more of the area, however, I saw something that sent a chill down my spine, an enemy so powerful, he could probably kill me three times before I could turn around and run screaming like a woman. One of Gwyn’s knights stood there looking at the void, looking noble and proud even while hollowed. He was as tall as I could raise my arm, his armor was burnt, as if steel could burn. His shield was so heavy, he could probably kill me by dropping it in my head. His sword was stained with the blood of dragons. I was happy enough that he didn’t attack me and went back to the bonfire to practice with the zweihander and have nightmares of him and the hellkite dragon.


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