#19 – Back to the Undead Asylum

After some time there on the floor I stood up and analyzed the capra demon’s body. He had chain on his neck with a key hanging on it. Just because I could, I cut off his head just to take out the key, then kicked it around for a little while. Good times. I then went back to the firelink shrine through a shortcut I found, going forward beyond the previously fogged door, through a sewers tunnel. There was a merchant woman there, but she didn’t sell anything I could use and I didn’t really have anything to bargain with. I made a mental note of the things she wanted in return for some moss scraps and black pine resin I might want to use, perhaps some poison arrows, but that would have to wait. By using the key I snatched from the capra demon’s body I opened a door nearby, but didn’t explore it for now, I was too exhausted.

Through the sewer tunnel I came back to the firelink shrine and rested by the bonfire. The sorcerer I had freed was there. I was surprised to see the skeletons arise again, but I didn’t have to fight them all this time. I picked up the small green wooden shield and took it to the sorcerer. He analyzed the inscriptions and confirmed that it was crafted to defend against magic. He said knights from Astora used to have great shield against magic. Similar to mine,, he said, but with different inscriptions. I described the shield I had seem held by the knight who saved me earlier in the Undead Asylum and he agreed it seemed to be one of them. I decided to go back there and fight the hollow knight to retrieve his shield.

To do this, I took the elevator to the Church and jumped off at a ledge. A risky jump and a little exploring later, I had found yet another key and a nest which seemed to belong to the bird that carried me to Lordran. I couldn’t reach the bird, however, so I just curled up like an egg on it and waited there for some time, hoping he would catch the hint. So much time passed that I fell asleep. Its claws clinching my torso woke me up. In moments I was flying in the direction of the asylum.

As soon as I arrived, a new mob of hollow slaves with blazing weapons had gathered. I carefully laid waste to them then moved ahead. As I stepped inside the main hall, I noticed the place had aged years, perhaps decades, yet another strange instance of the different flow of time Solaire had mentioned. The floors were terribly broken and crooked, visibly about to collapse. From my memory I remembered there was a giant demon on the underground. I couldn’t hear him anymore, but I avoided the collapsing floor all the same and sneaked close to the wall. I found open the gate I had escaped through to save myself from the demon’s trap and went through it. A Black Knight stood there, however, so I backed off.

I came back and found once again the bonfire on the garden, the gate I had opened was once again locked. I then decided to look for the hollow insane slaves just outside my cell and take them out of their misery. As I reached the corridor, however, I saw a black knight standing in my old cell. How had he reached the Asylum? Why was he in my cell? There was no way to know. I pondered for some time whether I should fight him. Was I powerful enough at this point? Had I anything to gain by this? I wasn’t sure of either, so I went back outside and curled on the bird’s nest again. The whole thing just left me feeling like a chump.

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