#21 – Rhea of Thorolund

I woke up determined to nag Petrus out of helping me with the concentration thing. A quick test showed that the bonfire had improved my flame-conjuring abilities considerably, but it still took too much time and focus. I had to look directly into my hand and imagine the flame, it would disappear as soon as I thought about anything else, and I’d have to struggle to kill an ant with it, because the mere thought of attacking was anough of a distraction. As I came to the area where Petrus usually stays, however, it was a completely different situation. There were two other warriors wearing his same armor with him, and most importantly, there was a lady in white, on her knees, praying while facing the wall.

Petrus wouldn’t even talk to me this time, they were all trying to be silent so she could concentrate. I don’t think I actually thought any of them would help me at this point, but I wanted to see her face, so I just kept nagging and bothering them until she turned to face me. And that’s when I saw her face, just for a second. She was beautiful.

She called Petrus and said something, then he came to me and said “the Maiden” had agreed to help me. I went there and didn’t know for a second if I should kneel also, but the fact is there was no altar around even, so I sat by her side. She stayed as she was. My hear was racing but she was immutable and I instantly fell in love with her voice and her manner of speaking, like a teenager. Like  an ass the only thing that crossed my mind was that I should try to impress her, so I babbled for a minute about how I could summon fire out of my hand, but couldn’t focus, and how the ether this and that, it probably sounded awful and ridiculous, but I made her smile, and that made me happy.

When I realized I didn’t make any sense and finally stopped talking, she gave me her impressions on the whole concentration problem. I had a million things going in my mind while she spoke, mostly sexual positions, but what I can still gather from it is that miracles were somewhat different because they weren’t intrinsically meant as an attack and because they didn’t emanate from the soul, but from the power of the gods, graciously granted to mortals for a second. Proof of it, she said, was that the talismans contained objects that linked humans to gods, and it was that link which allowed for the miracles to take place. She said, however, that miracles demanded faith, and that a moment of true faith could be compared to a moment of concentration, when one focused on the grace of the gods and asked for their power to be channeled through them. I guess she also talked about how she was going to the Catacombs to search for the rite of kindling, but I really wasn’t listening so I can’t really remember it well.

She then said that she couldn’t help me any more than that, and blessed me, by touching my forehead for a second, and in that moment I could sense her wonderful perfume. Then Petrus kicked me out.

For the time I couldn’t care less about pyromancy, so I walked up to the bonfire in the Burg and masturbated imagining that she blessed me by touching my penis. That was a little disturbing because in the middle of it I realized that I was too close to the bonfire and perhaps one of the other warriors could see me, so I finished off closer to the walls. Then I came back and talked more with Laurentius about pyromancy, but I finally decided this was enough and I just had to go up to the church and ring that damned bell already. For now all I could think of was ringing the two bells and then go look for her in the Catacombs.


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