#23 – The Twin Gargoyles

Sure enough, Solaire’s name was written right before the fog gate, glowing golden like the sun. I suddenly realized I was more excited to see him fight than to actually see what was there waiting behind the gate. I had never seem him fight, but I was sure he was great, you just new that if you are fighting beside him, you will note die. I also figured that whatever it is that awaited me behind that gate, it was probably big enough for the zweihander, so equipped that and the dragon shield. Drank one more sip of the estus, then touched Solaire’s name and saw him arise from the markings. I couldn’t see his face through his heavy helmet, but I knew he was proud of me. I bowed to thank him for his help, then crossed the gate.

It led me to the church’s ceiling, but there was no one in there with us. I took a moment to admire the gorgeous view, but it was a sad beauty, because there were no people walking around, meeting their lovers, working to care for their families. It was all bleak and death, and I was sure if I could smell it, it would be as stinky and foul as it was everywhere. For the meantime, though, there was a cool, pleasant breeze, and the lack of an immediate threat gave me a moment to enjoy life, for a little while.

Then I came back to reality. It occurred to me that the enemy could be invisible by the use of some kind of magic, but I figured he would have attacked by now. I looked at Solaire and made a puzzling gesture. He pointed up to the tower ahead of us, and I noticed there were four Gargoyle stone sculptures in the ledge. I took out my binoculars and examined more carefully: two of them had real weapons and armor. That was it. Flying demons. I looked at Solaire, he seemed confident in his bold silence. Then I walked forward, slowly.

One of the gargoyles soon took off and approached us, completely silently with its stone tongue, landing right in the middle between me and Solaire, as if in full confidence that we could do nothing to hurt it. The gargoyle immediately turned its back on me, attacking Solaire with a halberd, but that didn’t mean I was safe or ready for a backstab. Instead, I took a blow in my shield from its tail, which had a heavy axe at the tip. The blow threw me away spinning on my head at least twice my height. As soon as I woke up from the confusion, I saw Solaire had sunk his sword in the monsters chest, and then took a blow from the halberd to the side. I swear Solaire did not move. He just stood there like a god, unable to feel pain, and pierced the demon’s mouth. A second later I, too, had my zweihander to the beast’s back, but once again I blocked a tail blow, and once again it threw me away. This second blow felt more like a spasm, however, so the beast was growing weak and afraid.

As I stood up once more, Solaire seemed to be in control of the fight, but the second armed Gargoyle had landed on the roof on the distance, so I ran to fight it, so as not to allow it to catch Solaire off-guard. As I came near, however, it started spitting strong fire in the whole area. Had I not my shield up, that would be my end. I hid my face behind the shield, but my legs were burning as I tried to keep walking forward, knowing that not even a giant hellkite could maintain a flame for too long a time. Sure enough, the fire suddenly stopped and I was able to land a blow.

This gargoyle had a halberd as well, but it moved more awkwardly, because, as I realized by circling around it to avoid a second burst of flame, its tail was gone. I looked back and Solaire was finishing off the first gargoyle. At that moment I knew I would survive. I kept circling around it, waiting for a proper opportunity to blow, perhaps after blocking its weaker halberd attack, when a bolt of lighting struck the monster. I looked up and saw Solaire throwing another lighting bolt from his hand, right into the monster’s hide. I waited a moment for the spasm to end so that I wouldn’t be affected as well, than sunk my zweihander deep in the gargoyle’s back and it was dead. Solaire disappeared before I could do anything else.

The hush of soul energy was amazing, the Gargoyles had certainly killed tens of thousands of people and it had been the strongest transference of power I had felt yet. My whole body was hurt and my legs were still in pain from the fire, but I drank the rest of my estus and kept walking towards the bell. I went up a few ladders and finally reached the bell. It rang all through the land, it felt wonderful. I marveled at the view once more, than started my slow way back to the nearest bonfire.

As I came back to the tower’s entrance, however, there was a man in there, waiting for me. He proclaimed himself to be Oswald of Carim, the pardoner, a priest or sorcerer of some kind, devoted to the Goddess of Sin. He offered to hear my confession, to which I declined. He then asked if I desired to report on someone’s sin, to which I also declined. He then handed out a piece of black paper which he called “Indictment” and said that, from then on, I would need it, because the darkwraiths would do what they could to keep me from attaining my goal. I asked more information about them, then recognized the red phantom who attacked me before. He said next time I killed an invader, I should dip some of his blood in the paper, and other phantoms would attack him for vengeance. I agreed.

He then gave me a piece of skull-shaped stone and told me that, were I ever cursed, I should break it next to my feet, and the stone would absorb the curse. I thanked him. Then he asked me if I dealt with miracles, for he had something to teach me, but I said I did not. Then I left to the bonfire near Andre, where I finally could rest.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Hnnngh, I need more of this story!

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