#27 – Quelaag

I spread the goldpine resin on my zweihander, changed the rusted ring back to the wolf ring, and crossed the gate. It was truly a vision from hell. From the backside of the large hall covered in spiderweb and eggs, a huge monster came charging me, a burning spider with a woman’s torso. That was Queelag. As she got closer to me I could feel the heat from the burning spider on my skin, so I tried to run to gain some distance. The cannibal woman was very useful at this point, charging back straight into the spider with her butcher knife. I circled around the monster and hit her a couple of times with the zweihander from the side. The spider legs were very tough and hard to hack through, but the lightning caused spasms on her whole body, further opening the guard for the cannibal woman’s attacks. It was hard for her to land any blows however, because Queelag branded a flaming spider leg as a sword, so the woman had mostly to try and defend herself from her attacks.

I cast the water mist pyromancy and put myself on the line of Queelag’s attacks, since my armor and the water mist would enable me to sustain her attacks with more ease. The lighting-clad zweihander proved a strong weapon against Queelag, since she would get stunned even when our swords touched, and the woman took profit from this to attack her from the side. At this point, the monster noticing that it was in threat, Queelag backstepped a while, and I felt the taste of victory, but I was very wrong. I saw the spider half choke and then vomit a large pool of lava that covered me completely, burning my skin even through the water mist and my armor. The woman kept attacking her from the side and called her attention, while I tried to move away from the center of the pool of lava where I stood, my legs feeling like they had just turned black as cool from the intense temperature. As I managed to leave the lava, I noticed the goldpine resin had wore off the zweihander. A quick glance at the woman showed her fighting bravely, but getting terribly burned by the spider leg sword herself. I drank a big part of my estus to keep her and myself alive, then took a few seconds more to smear more goldpine resin on the sword. As I was done, I charged forward and hit Queelag on the chest as hard as I could, profitting from an open guard caused by her battle with the cannibal woman.

Were she a normal woman instead of a demonic beast, my blow would have cut her in half, but she did get stunned and fell forward as if unconscious. I thought I had killed her, but then I looked at the cannibal woman and she was running away from us. For a second I knew I should do the same, but in the following second Queelag had exploded in large burst of hot air and magic that threw me far off, barely dead. At some point along this fight the effect of the water mist had ended as well. Had I been alone, I would have had my last breath at some point around this time, if not before. Luckily, the cannibal woman was more prepared than I was, and immediately charged back into Queelag, who was clearly affected by my previous attack, and not in her best form.

I finished off my estus and ran to try and kill her without taking the time to cast the water mist again. Before I arrived, the cannibal woman was consummed in a large pool of lava and died. I profitted from the distance and ran around the lava, hitting Queelag from the side, and this time around I was able to cut off maybe three spider legs. Now Queelag couldn’t move as easily, and did not seem as such a hard match anymore. As I approached her again, she exploded in hot air again, but I ran off in time, learning from my previous mistake. This time I charged at the womanly body with all my power and managed to cut it off from the spider bottom half.

Both the woman and the spider had spasms for some time, bleeding lava and fire. The womanly side seemed to go hollow and lose its beauty quickly, while screaming in agonizing pain, while the spider half moved its legs randomly like a dying cockroach, vomiting lava and fire. I watched the spectacle until both stopped moving and laid motionless. Then I went further into the backside of the cave where Queelag had come from. Going up some stairs to the higher level I finally found the bell’s lever and pulled it. Its sound resonated all through the hellish land I saw before me: a large sea of lava, filled with spider-infested hollows like I had seen before, and a giant demon bleeding lava that fed the lava sea. In the lava sea.

It all just seemed to get worse and worse and I just hoped the next bonfire trip would give me wings to fly above that whole mess.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Hopefully he runs into the old witches ring at some point, and has a nice talk with The Fair Lady.

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