Break: fan art

Hi there you people who give a shit about this. Our first fan art:

In the time of the Dark Souls fanart – Coolest, most badass undead in Darkroot Forest – Imgur.

which is a clear reference to our character in chapter 24. As a smoker myself, I had always thought of the green herb as tobacco, it’s only logical.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun and have all intention to take it to the end.

A little extra: stick around for the next chapter, when our friend will run through the Catacombs to try and save Rhea. Something absurd and interesting will happen then, I promise.

Fuck, I love this game.


  1. Lorenzo said:

    Carpeaux, what if you get someone from Deviantart who wants to illustrate your story? I bet you can fin a Dark Souls fan who likes your story. Spanish translation AND illustrations. How better?

    • If you find someone who would want to do that, absolutely no problem. I might even go as far as changing the in-game illustrations to the ones by the artist.

  2. Lorenzo said:

    Or keep both. I’ll let you know if I find someone.

  3. takethesquid said:

    Hey! Im on deviantart, Im a dark souls fan and I love this story!
    However, as much as I love drawing, Im no da’vinci or anything close to that. It will certainly be better to find an epic ilustrator for this story, and first name that pops up in my head is Karniz. She draws comics about the game, even made a page for dem comics. She has a deviantart, a tumbler and I think she is on reddit too, but not sure if she frequents reddit.
    Finally, for the spanish translation I can volunteer myself, as I know spanish.
    Do you know spanish, Carpeaux?
    Also, if translations are at hand, might as well do them in more languages, but Im limited to english/spanish.
    If you like the whole idea, you can let people who give a shit know about it so they may contribute

    • thanks a lot for the interest dude

      first, if you contact her and she agrees, I would be thrilled.

      As for the Spanish translation, I’ll set up another blog and dump the first translation there soonish (I have a bunch of stuff going on in my life now, so this whole thing will have to wait a little bit. I also don’t have my ps3 with, so the constant playing isn’t keeping me full of references and ideas for now).

      I know Spanish and a few other languages, but I don’t think I’ll do any translating.

      Soon enough we’ll see into the whole stuff.

  4. Nicholas Villwock said:

    When can this blog continue, it is well written and interesting. Let it continue!!!!

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